Three-stage process

It’s incredibly hard to deliver perfect copy day in, day out. That’s why media publishers have twice as many sub-editors as writers, and it’s why Editor Group has a comprehensive and multi-layered copy review process.

Every piece of material that leaves Editor Group is written or edited by an experienced professional, in line with your brief.

It is also ‘review edited’ by a more senior colleague who looks at myriad factors, from whether the copy meets the brief to simply whether it’s good writing.

The finishing touch is for our proofreading team to ensure there are no errors in the final work.

Powerful software tools

To support our quality control processes and ensure they’re tailored to the complex requirements of our business and government clients, we also make the most of the latest software tools and even artificial intelligence capabilities.

We use Microsoft Word to create content and run conventional spelling and grammar checks. Then we also use a powerful and flexible software tool, called Acrolinx (learn more here) to ensure our clients’ content is always on‑brand, on-target and compliant.