How to write brilliant electronic direct mail

Convincing people to take notice of an electronic direct mail (eDM) is increasingly tricky. Yet it remains a convenient and cost-effective way to promote services or products. Here’s how to stand out.

Clever little apostrophes

A good proofreader knows where to put the apostrophes. The best ones know that’s only half the job. There’s ‘correct’ and then there’s ‘correct’.

How to plan a writing job

How familiar does this scenario sound? Last year, a big report had to go out in January. Everything about it was finished late and in a last-minute panic that had people working until all hours, and the end result was, well, underwhelming.

Quibbles over quotation marks

Correct use of quotation marks is a perennial point of confusion, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you settle those nagging questions.

Cutting the clutter in your annual report

With the average annual report reaching a (somewhat crazy) 204 pages, investors, regulators and citizens are pushing businesses and governments to get to the point. In a word, they want you to declutter!

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