What is active content governance?

You might have the feeling that things are rapidly spinning out of control in the digital era. But never fear, the same technologies that helped create the problem are being redeployed to help you out.

How to plan a writing job

How familiar does this scenario sound? Last year, a big report had to go out in January. Everything about it was finished late and in a last-minute panic that had people working until all hours, and the end result was, well, underwhelming.

Quibbles over quotation marks

Correct use of quotation marks is a perennial point of confusion, so we’ve created this handy guide to help you settle those nagging questions.

Cut the clutter in your annual report

With the average annual report reaching a (somewhat crazy) 204 pages, investors, regulators and citizens are pushing businesses and governments to get to the point. In a word, they want you to declutter!

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