Editor Group was delighted to host a presentation by Dr Andrew Bredenkamp, the CEO and founder of Acrolinx, at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney on 24 March 2017. Acrolinx is the world-leading artificial intelligence platform for content creation and editing.

This succinct 12-minute video provides highlights from Andrew’s talk where he focuses on the challenge facing today’s business and government organisations as they seek to produce more and more content for ever-more segmented audiences. He also discusses the evolution of artificial intelligence, our changing relationship with it (how soon until you won’t drive your own car?) and how it fits into the content production process.

Finally, he provides an overview of Acrolinx and shows how it helps organisations to codify their editorial goals, provide guidance to authors and establish powerful systems for governing and improving their content over time. If these themes resonate with you, please get in touch with us at Editor Group to discuss your challenges and requirements: inbox@editorgroup.com.

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