Transform your copy

Editing clears away the flotsam and jetsam that can clutter your writing and stop you effectively communicating with your target audiences.

As our name suggests, editing is one of Editor Group’s most important core competencies. Our team works closely with clients to transform and perfect a wide range of business and government material at various stages of production – from rewriting or commenting on early drafts in Word through to recommending changes to near-final copy in layout. You can see types of projects here.

Whether we are completing a light sub-edit or more substantially reworking a document, we take care to retain the original author’s voice and intent. We’re also careful not to change the meaning of documents, and we use Track Changes to ensure you can see every change we’ve made.

Depending on your needs, we can edit your content to:

  • address the information needs, time constraints and reading abilities of your target audience
  • maintain a consistent voice and style across large documents written by multiple authors
  • flesh out new ideas and original angles to make documents more compelling
  • apply in-depth knowledge of your business, the industry you work in and the subject matter
  • identify logic and evidence gaps in your argument
  • reduce repetition and remove unnecessary words
  • create a structured document with a logical flow that’s easy to navigate.