Achieve perfection

Having typos in your copy is one of the fastest ways to damage your organisation’s credibility and reputation.

To protect our clients and ensure the quality of our own work, Editor Group maintains a dedicated team of expert proofreaders across its offices.

This group of highly experienced editorial professionals ensures that clients’ documents, websites, apps, point-of-sale copy and other material is perfect before being printed or published. They also work closely with our writers and editors to check material we produce internally before it is released to clients.

As part of this process, we use the globally accepted standard markup symbols used by proofreaders and designers.

Set your style

A style guide secures agreement on style and grammar issues to help individuals write consistently across your organisation. We can help you prepare a style guide from scratch or update an existing one. You’ll find it saves you loads of time – for example, by avoiding arguments over personal preferences for hyphenation!