Strategy and style guides

We work with you to define your content marketing and communications strategy and ensure your organisation is equipped with the editorial capabilities it needs to deliver compelling content every time.

A style guide is one of the best ways to set your organisation on the right path. It secures agreement on style and grammar issues to achieve consistent written communications across an organisation. A style guide also saves loads of time by avoiding those annoying arguments over different people’s personal preferences for hyphenation!

Software solutions

We can help you improve the quality and consistency of your writing by implementing Acrolinx, a state-of-the-art editing platform.

Acrolinx helps keep your copy on brand and on target. It is the only language editing software that can be customised to accommodate your brand objectives and a variety of target markets and content types.

Acrolinx’s advanced linguistics engine evaluates spelling, grammar, terminology, style and tone of voice at word and sentence levels. It corrects basic errors and steers you away from jargon, clichés and words ill-suited to your organisation. It can also suggest ways to make your content clearer, more engaging and aligned to preferred terms and trademarks.

As an accredited Acrolinx partner, we can help you explore the benefits of using Acrolinx to enhance your content strategy. We can also support you during implementation and after, including tailoring the software to meet your needs and training users.

Workshops and coaching

Our tailored workshops and coaching services are designed to build up your team’s writing and editing skills. We offer group presentations on business writing and editing best practice, as well as highly personalised coaching for specific staff.

Our approach is based on the belief that people best learn to write and edit by receiving both theory about best practice and detailed feedback on their work from an expert mentor.